[The Bourbon Flight] Featured Bourbon Review: John Sherman Cooper release Kentucky Senator Bourbon

August 24, 2023

from The Bourbon Flight

The bourbon sample used for this review was provided at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

This bourbon is the 4th release from the brand. Each release will be named after an influential U.S. Senator from the great state of Kentucky.

The brand was founded by Attorney Andre Regard and Kentucky Senator Damon Thayer, both long-time bourbon enthusiasts.

Truth be told, I was present for a recent barrel pick with these two and found that each possessed a genuine love for the bourbon industry and their product.

Kentucky Senator Bourbon needs to be on everyone’s watch list.


When you find an eight-year-old bourbon that tastes fantastic and is extraordinarily smooth, you better snatch it up quickly.

This bourbon has a great nose with aromas of oak, baking spices, and brown sugar that radiates from the glass.

At 107 proof, you would swear that you are drinking a much lower-proof bourbon because of the ease with which it slips down your throat.

Cinnamon, clove and chocolate are the prevalent flavors on the front end, with a cherry charred oak aspect finish.

The little burn you get is so satisfying, as it warms the belly as we expect with 100-plus proof bourbon. Unfortunately, there are only 1000 bottles available of this 2023 small-batch bourbon.

If you need more than that to get you out hunting, I am not sure what is!

This whiskey receives 4/5 Barrels.