[The Whiskey Wash] Whiskey Review: Kentucky Senator John Sherman Cooper Bourbon

September 1, 2023

Summary: The aromatics are fantastic. I love the interplay between floral, tea, and spice. I went back and forth on scoring this review because the ABV seems a touch off balance when tasted neat. In these days of complex political rancor, it’s nice to find a Kentucky Senator that only requires a dash of water or an ice cube to appeal to a broad base.

[Bourbon Lens] Reviewing Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s Latest Release #4

August 24, 2023

We have been consistently pleased with prior releases of Kentucky Senator Bourbon as the brand has clearly sourced and, most importantly, blended some nicely aged Kentucky Bourbon stocks. They leverage these bourbons to tell a bit of history and honor prominent figures in public service. As expected, Release #4 highlights an 8 year old bourbon with a familiar Kentucky Bourbon profile while also packing in some bold, earthy flavors all while carrying a solid 107 proof point.

[The Bourbon Flight] Featured Bourbon Review: John Sherman Cooper release Kentucky Senator Bourbon

August 24, 2023

When you find an eight-year-old bourbon that tastes fantastic and is extraordinarily smooth, you better snatch it up quickly. This bourbon has a great nose with aromas of oak, baking spices, and brown sugar that radiates from the glass. At 107 proof, you would swear that you are drinking a much lower-proof bourbon because of the ease with which it slips down your throat.

[Commonwealth Journal] A salute to Somerset's statesman: Sen. John Sherman Cooper honored at Virginia Theater ceremony

August 23, 2023

"Our slogan for this brand is, ‘Kentucky Senator Bourbon: Serving up great Kentucky bourbon with a side of Kentucky history.’ I think by honoring Sen. Cooper, we’re probably elevating that to an extremely high level."

[@thestorepickreview] Review - KSB Release #4

August 4, 2023

[Coffee Black Whiskey Neat] Review: Kentucky Senator Bourbon Release #4

August 1, 2023

[Good Spirits News] GSN Review: Kentucky Senator Release #4 John Sherman Cooper Bourbon

August 1, 2023

Ah, bourbon. If you were to try and explain what it is to someone who has never tasted it, one scent of this new release would paint a thousand words. Woody, sweet, nutty, spicy, and somehow carrying the Kentucky summer heat. The entry is exceptionally smooth for a near cask strength whiskey, and only carries a slight burn. The flavors are light and airy, with the flavor of the oak and its char carrying the day. The finish is very long, with a tannic finality. A terrific sipper, especially over a large single rock, this latest JSC release hits all the right buttons. GSN Rating: A

[The Bourbon Enthusiast] Kentucky Senator 8YR Bourbon Release No. 4

July 31, 2023

[Bourbon Finds] Tasty Tuesday - @kentuckysenatorbourbon release No. 4 “The John Sherman Cooper”

July 25, 2023

Kentucky Senator Bourbon Release #4 “John Sherman Cooper” Now Hitting Shelves Across Kentucky

June 22, 2023

Kentucky Senator Bourbon Release #4 “Senator John Sherman Cooper” is now hitting shelves across the state of Kentucky and online via Bourbon Outfitter with an SRP of $134.99. Aged eight years in oak barrels, this Bourbon is 107 proof with a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. I had the pleasure of attending a recent barrel tasting party (how fun does that sound?!) by co-founders Damon Thayer and Andre Regard, and it was certainly not a bad day on the job;) These guys are having fun and enjoying the moment which is what Bourbon is all about. I enjoy seeing their passion and enthusiasm for what they are doing and creating in their brand.