[UPROXX] The Absolute Best Bourbon Between $150-$200, Ranked

March 20, 2023


A bottle of bourbon for $200 is… kind of a crazy ask. You can get a great bottle of bourbon for $50, there’s no getting around that. So when you start looking at price points around $200, it’s important that you’re talking about something ~more~ than your average tasting bourbons. Whiskeys at this price (SHOULD!) go beyond charred oak barrels or whether or not we’re talking about wheated bourbons, like Pappy Van Winkle (which doesn’t even appear on this list). This is about finding something extra and truly special from the bourbon scene.

To help you find those special bourbon bottles, I’m going to call out 12 bourbons that actually do merit the high price tag.

When it comes to which of these bourbons to drink, well… that depends on you. Read through my tasting notes and find the whiskey that piques your interest or sounds enticing. Then click on those price links to see if you can find that whiskey in your region. Okay, let’s dive in!

8. Kentucky Senator Bourbon 15 Years Release #1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

ABV: 53.5%

Average Price: $199

The Whiskey:

This sourced whiskey celebrates both Kentucky’s bourbon heritage and U.S. Senators from the Bluegrass state. The juice is made with a mash of 78.5% corn, 13% rye, and 8.5% malted barley. The whiskey is left alone for 15 years before the team at Kentucky Senator Spirits blends and bottles this one, without filtering or proofing.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: This whiskey opens with a medley of dry cedar, black cherries, burnt toffee, buttered sourdough pancake, old leather, cinnamon bark, and spiced chewy tobacco.

Palate: The palate leans into the woody spices with cloves and anise taking center stage as soft maple syrup and pecan-cinnamon-butter create a spiced/sweet/creamy vibe on the palate.

Finish: In the end, more woodsy spices mingle with rich cherry tobacco as old oak, salted caramel, and vanilla cream pie round everything out.

Bottom Line:

This is a great, nutty Kentucky bourbon that feels like a warm hug on a cold day. It’s sweet, quintessential, and a bourbon lover’s bourbon.